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Our in-house embroidery team ensures your logo looks its best, every stitch of the way.

After your designs have been approved our embroidery team will digitise your logo for use with our machines. (Charges apply*) To avoid these costs please supply your logo as a .DST file. Our embroidery machines are capable of the following processes: Appliqué, fill stitch, running stitch and satin stitch.


* Digitising cost per logo: £80.00 for 32/64 sq. inch logo (jacket back/ rug / chest logo) £45-£55 for 10 sq. inch logo (collars/ left chest)



Appliqué: French term meaning applying, usually by sewing, one piece of fabric to the surface of another. A cut piece of material stitched to another adds dimension and texture and reduces the stitch count.


Digitise: The computerized technique of turning a design image into an embroidery program. Special software is used to create plotting commands for the embroidery machine. The commands are transferred to the machine's logic head by a designated embroidery language.

Fill Stitch: Fill stitches are a series of running stitches sewn closely together to form broad areas of embroidery with varying patterns and stitch directions.


Running Stitch: One straight line of stitches, often used for fine details, outlining, and underlay.


Satin Stitch: Also known as zigzag stitch, a satin stitch is a line, border or edge produced by thread being alternately stitched to either side of a baseline. Satin stitches are generally limited to a maximum of 1/2" in stitch length before some alternate technique must be used, such as split stitching or fill stitching.


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